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The Next Generation Guided PEMF Therapy


What is E+ Therapy?

Imagine a skilled doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or manual therapist having a healing energy field come through their hands as they manipulate your body. This unique energy field can stimulate the healing process at a cellular level.

Much like a battery, the human body is electric. Our cells carry voltage. The electric charges necessary to maintain optimum health in our cells can decline from age, injuries and illness. E+ Therapy helps to restore this healthy electrical balance within the body.

E+ is being used in NFL, MLB, PGA.. Video shows Dr. Josh Kollmann, Carolina Panthers Team Chiropractor, using E+ Guided PEMF on the players.

According to Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, author of Healing is Voltage, in order for our body’s tissues to heal and create new cells, the required cell voltage must be -50mV.   

PEMF Research: In 1995, Siskin and Walker provided a summary of clinical results on soft tissue damage.

They observed no adverse from PEMF therapy effects and the following positive effects were reported:

  • Decreased pain

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Increased range of motion

  • Faster functional recovery

  • Reduced muscle loss after surgery

  • Increased tensile strength in ligaments

  • Faster healing of skin wounds

  • Enhanced capillary formation

  • Acceleration of nerve regeneration

  • Decreased tissue necrosis.


Accelerated Healing

PEMF has been studied extensively and have shown to accelerate the healing of injuries including wounds, joint pain and tissue swelling. PEMF has also used in the improvement of depression and anxiety allowing you to be healthier, stronger and perform better.

Improved Pain Relief

E+ Therapy can reduce, if not eliminate joint discomfort. It also feels amazing. Like a supercharged massage. Your nervous system will be placed in a parasympathetic state or a rest and recovery state, which is essential for healing.

Results from our Providers

The beneficial effects of Guided PEMF are often experienced after only 1-3 treatments. Some patients report immediate pain relief, improved range of motion, nervous system relaxation, and general sense of well being after the first treatment. View some of the results from our providers on social media. They are all reporting amazing results. Here


E+ Therapy Providers

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The Electrons+ Difference for practitioners

With Electrons+, the practitioner can use their hands to guide an electromagnetic pulse field (PEMF)  into the patient’s body, thereby stimulating the healing process.   The assessment of tissue health using the the technology is what makes Electrons Plus so different to other PEMF machines.   The practitioner can feel and see where to treat. Test it on your toughest case.


We are looking for dedicated practitioners, to take manual therapy to the next level.

– Dr. Simon Billingham, Electrons+ Founder


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