Technology for a Manual Therapist that wants to enhance their practice and deliver real results

I’m a chiropractor in practice for 19 years and have always looked at “gizmos” to deliver faster and better results for my patients. I don’t waste my time or money with things that don’t work. I have a skeptical mind but very open to new ideas and treatment options. I test it on my own patients. If I see reliable and repeatable results, I add it to my tool box.

I’m looking for dedicated forward thinkers to be a part of our growing family of providers. Each and every provider that we have, has tested the technology in their own practice before deciding on the purchase. Please reach out to them to get their opinion.

I am not interested in mass marketing and selling of this device. I don’t sell to everyone. This work takes practice, good hands, an intuitive touch and a true passion to help others.

Let’s get started with an explanation on how E+ can fit into your practice.


Simon Billingham, D.C.
Founder and CEO